Samsung In-App Purchase for Galaxy Watch (Tizen)

Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) for Galaxy Watch is a payment service that makes it possible to sell a variety of items in applications installed on a Galaxy Watch and internally manages communication with supporting IAP services and the Samsung ecosystem (such as Samsung Account, Samsung Checkout, and Samsung Rewards).

In-App items can be offered as consumable, nonconsumable, or subscription. For example, you can use IAP in the following scenarios:

  • An application that enables additional features
  • Any application that allows the user to remove ads
  • A watch face that offers a free version for a specified time period
  • An audiobook application that allows the user to purchase and download new books
  • A game that offers new levels to play
  • An RPG game that allows the user to buy virtual items

Here are two examples:

  • Try and buy watch face

  • Buy an in-app item

Four basic steps to sell in-app items

Develop watch app

Join Seller Portal

Register app

Add in-app items

Download Tizen Extension SDK and integrate IAP into your application.

Download Galaxy Watch Studio (formerly Galaxy Watch Designer) and create a watch face with a free trial period.

Join Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal.

In order to charge for your application or in-app item, you must request commercial seller status and register your payment information.

See the Commercial Seller Request Guide.

Upload your binary file to Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal.

You can add in-app items only after you register a binary to which Samsung In-App Purchase is applied.

See the App Registration Guide.

Add in-app items and register item-related information such as item ID, item title, item type, and price.

See the Item Registration Guide.


API Reference

Programming Guide

Sample App