Updating 16.0 Beta: More Secure, Better Tabs, URLs down under

Daniel Appelquist

Web Developer Advocate

In our 16.0 post we already told you about some of the great features coming to our latest beta, including better search experience, page zooming and enhanced Smart Protect. Our newest update (16.0.2) brings some additional exciting new features.

You can install Samsung Internet 16.0.2 beta from the Play Store or the Galaxy Store: Samsung Internet Browser Beta


Most visibly, you’ll see the address bar can now be moved to the bottom of the screen for enhanced ergonomics. Labeled as “Focus Mode” — this brings the URL bar to the bottom of the screen, closer to your thumb.

We’re also adding support for tab groups making it easier to keep related tasks together. You’ll be able to create, edit and delete tab groups.


We’re also excited to announce support for https (secure) upgrades is launching as a Labs feature. When you switch this feature on, the browser will automatically try to upgrade the connection to any web site to secure https. Secure connections lead to much greater privacy for people using the web as any information between you and the web site you’re connecting to will be encrypted. Secure connections mean that it’s more difficult for 3rd parties to monitor your web use or even worse hijack your connection.

Also launching behind a flag with 16.0.2 is our implementation of the Device Posture API to support foldable devices. This API is experimental and sits behind a flag (meaning you have to activate it by visiting https://internet:flags). This API is slated for our stable release 16.2. We’ll be following up with another more comprehensive post on this API. In the mean time you can find out more about it in Laura Morinigo’s talk from last week’s Samsung Developer Conference.