Use "Add to Samsung Wallet" for Event Tickets

Hye-In Min

Product Manager, Digital Wallet team

Have you heard the news about Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, which was announced on the Samsung Developers portal and global channels?
If you’ve received an email invitation to Galaxy Unpacked 2023, scheduled for July 26, add it to Samsung Wallet for a quick and convenient way to enter the event hall.

The "Add to Samsung Wallet" service enables Samsung device users to clip and save a variety of digital content, such as tickets, coupons, boarding passes, membership cards, to Samsung Wallet for easy access. “Add to Samsung Wallet” allows them to do this conveniently without having to leave the other online channels they are using, such as an application, website, email, or SMS/MMS message.

Smart ways to use "Add to Samsung Wallet"

1. Add Your Galaxy Unpacked 2023 Invitation

On July 26, expect new, wonderful, and innovative Android tablets, smart watches, and the most anticipated of all, 5th-generation foldable phones, to be revealed at Galaxy Unpacked 2023. You can also attend Galaxy Unpacked remotely by watching the real-time live stream on the Samsung Electronics website and YouTube channel.

Try adding the invitation and entrance ticket for Galaxy Unpacked 2023 to Samsung Wallet for ease and convenience. Open the email invitation on your Galaxy mobile device and tap "Add to Samsung Wallet" to add your ticket.

2. Add Other Event Tickets

“Add to Samsung Wallet” also supports different kinds of tickets, such as to movies, sports events, and concerts. The related APIs allow you to implement the feature for your service, checking whether the user’s device supports Samsung Wallet and if so, enabling the "Add to Samsung Wallet" button.

For example, a tourist in France can add their tickets to exhibitions at the Atelier des Lumières art museum in Paris and to the Bassins de Lumières in Bordeaux to Samsung Wallet using the "Add to Samsung Wallet" button (provided by Splio).

3. Add Content from Other Services

“Add to Samsung Wallet” is not only for tickets! The "Add to Samsung Wallet" feature also works with other content issued by our partners, such as boarding passes, coupons and membership cards:
• Add or register your boarding pass to Samsung Wallet to get push notifications for your boarding time and speed through the boarding process.
• Add coupons collected from various channels, including SMS, MMS and email, to Samsung Wallet. You can receive notifications and keep track of their validity.
To learn more, see Samsung Wallet.

Special Features for Event Tickets in Samsung Wallet

• Optional policy to prevent misuse of tickets
• Group ticket layout that presents multiple barcodes or QR codes in a single ticket
• Batch update the status for all tickets, for example, when an event is canceled or postponed; This feature requires the partner to share the relevant information.
• Provide up to 2 barcodes or QR codes for extra services at your event, such as coupons for snacks or parking, in addition to the barcode or QR code for the ticket itself
• Push notifications sent 1 hour before the event begins

Integrate "Add to Samsung Wallet" for Your Event Tickets

For a detailed description of the registration process, development specifications, and testing tools for integrating “Add to Samsung Wallet” to your service, go to the Samsung Wallet Partner Portal (English language links below).
The Partner Portal contains tutorials that walk you through the integration process step-by-step.

Step 1. Register as a partner at the Samsung Wallet Partner Portal

Step 2. Create and manage Samsung Wallet cards

Step 3. Integrate “Add to Samsung Wallet” to your service

If you are in a country where the Event Ticket menu is not supported on Galaxy devices, contact us through Developer Support and we will help you as quickly as possible.