Samsung Internet Newsletter: March 2022

Lola Odelola

Developer Advocate, Samsung Internet

Hello Readers! 👋🏾

It’s Lola here and I’m here to catch you up on what we’ve been up to the last month and what you can look forward to this month. Things have been busy on the team with lots of planning, coding and writing!

Last year I began a series looking at privacy on the web, particularly the new APIs being proposed in the W3C Privacy Community Group, and now the W3C Private Advertising Community Group. Last month I posted parts 3 and 4 of both, looking at the First Party Sets and Topics API proposals respectively. It’s often difficult to know how these standards translate to real-world impact and use but hopefully my explainers do a decent job of clarifying some of the hard-to-get bits.

More from our Advocates

Laura participated in the online edition of JSWorld Conference, her talk “Behind The Scenes of a Service Worker” dove into the cycle of a Service Worker and she shared some offline strategies. The online series are completely free and open to the public.

Sylvester wrote about rendering 2D and 3D animations “blazingly fast” on the Samsung Galaxy Watch using WebGL. All you need is some JavaScript and sys-admin knowledge to get things running on your own smart watch!


Ada has been working on adding support for magnetic grab points in handy-controls so that if something is grabbable in the XR world, like a handle, then your hand will automatically stick to the right location when you approach it making things feel a lot more tactile.


We’ve shipped 16.2 stable! 🎉 16.2 improves dark mode and enables our Device Posture API for folding screens by default. You can always find
Samsung Internet and Samsung Internet Beta respectively. We’ll also be releasing 17.0 Beta later in March so look out for it!

Where to Find Us

You’ll see our advocates in the following events in the coming months.

Ada will be speaking about Augmented Reality at CityJS on the 23-25 March, Regent Street Cinema in London, UK. Find out more at

Laura will be hosting a workshop this 19th March for Women In Steam at Scientista Conference, a student’s club from the University of Toronto. Check the event here:

Laura will be also talking at International Women’s Day hosted by GDG Cloud London talking about accessibility on the web. You can register here.

The Polys, awards for WebXR, will be returning for another great night highlighting some of the best WebXR experiences from the past year. Ada will be participating alongside the other chairs of the Immersive Web Working Group which are developing the API.


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