Lifestyle Photo Assets for Play Store

Looking to include lifestyle photos on your Play Store product detail pages? Show off your amazing watch face designs by taking advantage of our Lifestyle Photo Assets. Simply paste your watch face into our "Smart" Photoshop files and your design will automatically appear on the actual watch—with correct perspective, shading and more. It's that simple!

Build your own lifestyle photos

Watch the video and learn how to take lifestyle photos and then turn them into “Smart” Photoshop files. These Photoshop files allow you to quickly place your watch app or watch face design onto the watch in the photo.

Download Lifestyle Photo Assets and save time!

Click on a watch below to browse a collection of Lifestyle Photo Assets for the selected watch type.

Lifestyle Photo Assets for Galaxy Store

To make publishing easier for watch face designers on Galaxy Store, download the Lifestyle Photo Assets for Galaxy Store. See Lifestyle Photo Assets for Galaxy Store for more information.