‘Devs Doing it Right’: An Inside Look at Developer Success with the Samsung Developer Program

Samsung Developer Program

What do successful apps and developers have in common? Over the next five weeks we’ll be featuring profiles of successful devs who started with a kernel of an idea, a great team and some help from Samsung, and went on to deliver apps that are now being enjoyed by thousands.  To hear directly from these devs about their projects, their processes and the things that made the difference between success and failure, be sure to check out our upcoming five part series. From devs/consortiums that have built mobile game industries from scratch to those who are redefining how native content is integrated and consumed, to large brands that are disruptors in their industries, we’ll connect you to them all.

Join the SDP for a Chance to Get to ‘Devs Doing it Right’ Status

We’re here to help get you to a ‘Doing it Right’ status. On June 1st we will be selecting up to 3 projects and/or teams to provide additional technical and educational support to. You’ll receive the latest device (a Galaxy S8) mentoring, publishing/marketing support and tickets to the Samsung Developer Conference. Also, you’ll have access to our validation services, meaning you’ll get in-app testing and advice customized to your app.

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