Introducing VRU: A Look At The Best In VR And How You Can Produce It

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While VR is still in its infancy, some content creators are pushing the limits of what was previously thought possible, developing industry-leading, immersive VR video. Over the next few weeks, through our VRU (VR to the Power of You) Q&A series, we‘ll be interviewing companies RYOT and SESQUI about what it takes to be on the cutting-edge of VR.

Creating compelling VR can be difficult: from a UX perspective, VR is not an easy environment to get into, or stay in for long periods of time, and content creators often have trouble developing visuals that solve this basic – yet important – issue. Content creators need to keep in mind that their 360 camera is the viewer’s head, and when it’s moved in a way that the viewer isn't moving in the real world, they risk making the viewer sick. From an audio and dialogue perspective, creators also need to be mindful that while some narration in the headset adds to the experience, a lot of character exchange and dialogue comes across as amateurish.

And that’s just the execution. The overarching idea behind the video still has to be creative, absorbing and give the viewers a chance to immerse themselves in it.

The VR content creators we will be talking to will discuss the technology they’re using to craft groundbreaking work, how they’re overcoming current industry challenges, and what they see for the future of virtual reality. We’ll be delving into topics like how VR storytelling differs from storytelling for flat framed content, how to overcome hurdles like lag and sim sickness when shooting, and monetization techniques for VR video.

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