Kevin Hague

Vice President Technology Strategy

In March 2016, Samsung acquired HARMAN International.  As a member of the Samsung family, HARMAN is well positioned to accelerate the design and engineering of exciting new connected products that elevate experiences for consumers worldwide. HARMAN is excited for our developer community to help us engineer these new connected experiences.

This is HARMAN’s first Samsung Developer Conference and we are going big with the JBL EVEREST ELITE 750 HEADSET HACK TABLE.

We are opening up the award-winning JBL Everest™ Elite Android SDK to those that truly love a dynamic acoustic experience and have a desire to extend that listening experience beyond what is available today.

To help you bring your idea to life visit developer.harman.com and download the SDK that includes:

9-Axis IMU

Access Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer for full, head tracking capability

Button Mod

Intercept events with the programmable software defined button

Advanced EQ Controls

Using APIs, make detailed adjustments to the EQ to create your own listening experience

NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Use the SDK to adjust ambient awareness settings

At the conference, come by the HARMAN booth and spend some time trying our hackable headphones and tell us about the experience you want to bring to the JBL Everest™ Elite 750 Headphones.  We would love to hear what you have in mind.

While at the booth, also check out the other connected technologies HARMAN has that will be of interest to the Samsung developer community.

Over-the-air  (OTA) Updates

HARMAN’s OTA updating solution is used to keep more than 2 billion devices relevant with new firmware, features and functions.  As the only commercially deployed automotive OTA solution on the market, HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating OTA solution has been chosen by 17 automotive manufacturers and enables full vehicle management in more than 25 million vehicles on the road.

In addition to cars, HARMAN’s OTA solution enables comprehensive management of all connected devices, be it a device for a smart home, building, city or enterprise. Connected devices can be monitored, configured and updated OTA using a smartphone or gateway or directly from the cloud.  Even devices with low bandwidth and memory resources can be updated. At the Samsung Developer Conference, HARMAN will be demonstrating how to update a home security solution called Mul-T-Lock.

Interested in Tizen?

Do you have an application that would be perfect to run on a Tizen device?  An application you would like to port to a Tizen:

  • Smartphone
  • Wearable
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV

Ask us about Tizen and the breadth of experience we have working with the operating system.  At HARMAN we have:

  • Worked on the Tizen handset platform
  • Developed solutions to update Tizen handsets with over-the-air updates
  • Created a suite of applications that were included with the original Tizen phones
  • Worked on the first versions of the Samsung Gear Tizen watches
  • Managed the Tizen developer support program

It’s all really exciting and we look forward to seeing you at the Samsung Developer Conference.

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