Code Lab at SDC23: A Quick Recap

Christopher Marquez

Engineer, Developer Relations

The Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23) happened on October 5, 2023, at Moscone North in San Francisco and online. Among the many exciting activities at the conference for developers and tech enthusiasts, Code Lab offered a unique opportunity to learn about the latest Samsung SDKs and tools.

Code Lab is a hands-on learning experience, providing participants with a platform to explore the diverse world of Samsung development. Code Lab activities are accessible for developers of all skill levels and interests, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to experts, can find something exciting to explore.

Covering a wide array of topics within the Code Lab, the conference catered to the diverse interests of the participants. Here's a quick look at some of the SDC23 topics:

1. SmartThings

Participants had the chance to build a Matter IoT app using the SmartThings Home API and create virtual devices that they could control using the SmartThings app or their own IoT apps. They also learned how to develop a SmartThings Find-compatible device. These topics are all about connecting and enhancing the smart home experience.

2. Galaxy Z

Participants, who are interested in foldable technology, were able to develop a widget for the Flex Window. This topic opens new possibilities in app design and user interaction.

3. Samsung Wallet

Participants learned to integrate the "Add to Samsung Wallet" button into sample partner services. They also learned to implement In-App payment into a sample merchant app using the Samsung Pay SDK. These topics focus on enhancing the mobile wallet experience for Samsung users.

4. GameDev

Game developers and enthusiasts had the opportunity to optimize game performance with Adaptive Performance in Unity. They also learned to implement Flex Mode into Unity games for foldable phones. These topics offer insights into the gaming industry's latest trends and technologies.

5. Watch Face Studio

Code Lab also provided an activity for participants to create a watch face design with customized styles using Watch Face Studio. Participants also learned how to convert the watch face design for Galaxy Z Flip5's Flex Window display using the Good Lock plugin.

6. Samsung Health

The health-focused Code Lab topics covered measuring skin temperature on Galaxy Watch and transferring heart rate data from Galaxy Watch to a mobile device with the Samsung Privileged Health SDK. Participants also learned how to create health research apps using the Samsung Health Stack. These topics provide valuable insights into the health and fitness tech landscape.

From creating virtual devices to building health-related apps, participants left the conference with new knowledge they could apply to their development projects.

The Samsung Developer Conference is a celebration of innovation and collaboration in the tech world. With a diverse range of topics in Code Lab, participants were equipped with the tools and knowledge to push the boundaries of what is possible in Samsung's ecosystem.

Though SDC23 has ended, the innovation lives on! Whether you missed the event or just want to try other activities, you can visit the Code Lab page anytime, anywhere.

We can't wait to see you and the innovations that will emerge from this conference in the coming years.

See you at SDC24!