‘Devs Doing It Right 2’: A Sequel That Sets Developers Up For Success

Josue Bustos

Samsung Technical Evangelist

What do successful developers and designers have in common? How do you know if you have a winning idea? How do you turn your idea into an app that’s downloaded and enjoyed by thousands? And how do you then successfully monetize?

These are questions we hear regularly from the community and that why I’m excited to announce ‘Devs Doing It Right 2’, the return of the series that provides developers and designers with firsthand tips and valuable expertise from industry professionals who have found success working with Samsung.

Over the next five weeks we’ll feature profiles of developers and designers discussing their projects, processes and the difference between success and failure. We’ve curated insights from designers and developers specializing in Samsung Themes, Gear Watch Face creations, and gaming, just to name a few.

For instance, we’ll be hearing from a designer who has been very successful developing Gear Watch Faces. The Samsung Gear Watch Designer tool has recently released version 1.5.2. and has incorporated some neat features that were historically only possible to integrate with traditional dev tools. We’re excited to profile our community members who have created stunning watch faces and built profitable businesses without having deep coding knowledge.

Devs Doing it Right 2 will help you get an inside perspective on how you can take your projects to the next level, but it’s just one of the resources we offer to help you master your craft. By following the series and engaging with our tutorials, watching our videos and signing up for the Samsung Developer Program, you’ll also be eligible to win 1 of 4 Samsung Devices.

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