Five Weeks to Go: First Round of SDC Sessions Announced

Lori Fraleigh

Senior Director, Developer Relations

We’re excited to share a selection of this year’s sessions, covering everything from AI to IoT to Gaming. We’ll be announcing even more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Bixby and the new Exponential Frontier of Intelligent Assistants Hear from key leaders of the Bixby team, and get answers to your most important questions: How is Bixby different? How will I, as a developer, make money by integrating my services with Bixby? Understand Bixby's vision for a new open ecosystem for developers, and how to get involved. Learn more.

Streamlining IoT Systems: SmartThings Cloud-to-Cloud Device Integrations Learn about the Developer Workspace to integrate cloud-connected devices with SmartThings which will streamline the development and go-to-market processes. Learn more.

A Quick Look Inside Your Games: GPUWatch Tutorial + GameEngine Talk Get a detailed look at the tools and SDKs available through the Galaxy GameDev program that help you create high-performance gaming experiences with ease. Learn technical tips from Samsung and Unity to help your games perform better. Learn more.

Check out all of the available sessions on the SDC Website. Register now to secure your seat!