Add Your Watch Face Design to Smart Lifestyle Photos!

Tony Morelan

Looking to include lifestyle photos on your Galaxy Store product detail pages? Show off your amazing watch face designs by taking advantage of our Lifestyle Photo Assets. Just like the Galaxy Store Asset Creator, simply paste your watch face into our “Smart” Photoshop files and your design will automatically appear on the actual watch — with correct perspective, shading and more. It's that simple!

Photos Made Easy

Our gallery of Lifestyle photos showcase Samsung watches in different environments. In order to take advantage of the photos' special features, you must use Photoshop version 14.2 (CC 2014) or later and have a basic understanding of Photoshop.

These “Smart” Photoshop files use Smart Objects for the watch face. Update the Smart Object with your design and the watch face in the lifestyle photo will be updated as well. You can then use your new photos for the product images known in the Seller Office as Screenshots.

Download Lifestyle Photo Assets and save time!

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Using The Lifestyle Photos

The first step is to capture your watch face design. Because the lifestyle photos are hi-res, the best practice would be to create a complete design in Photoshop at a dimension of 1669 pixels. However, if you have only created your design using Galaxy Watch Designer, the easiest way is to take a screenshot while using the [Run] emulator in Galaxy Watch Designer. Because this screenshot will only be 512 pixels, you'll have to enlarge your watch face screenshot later.

To take a screenshot, click the Preview Capture button in the Run window.

Open the screenshot in Photoshop and enlarge it to 1669 pixels. Select the full canvas area and copy it to your computer's clipboard by using the [Copy] command.

Next, open one of the Lifestyle Photo Assets and double-click the layer titled “Watch Face”. This will open the Smart Object.

To change the default watch face:

  1. Use the [Paste] command to place your watch face above the default watch face layer.
  2. Delete or turn off the default watch face layer.
  3. Depending on the photo, there might be several adjustment and/or effect layers. If needed, make any adjustments to help with the colorization of your watch face.
  4. Some photos include a “Light Streak” layer. This is to display a natural looking highlight on the round display window. Feel free to either rotate, change the opacity or turn off this layer.
  5. Save and close the Smart Object. When you return to the lifestyle photo, the watch image will update with your custom watch face design.
  6. Save the image for the web (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S or Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-S) and resize as needed for Galaxy Store.
  7. Upload your new images as Screenshots on your Galaxy Store product pages.

More Photos! More Style!

Show off your watch faces and apps with style. Look for more Lifestyle photos as we continue to grow our library, and view our tutorial showing how to build your own Lifestyle Photoshop templates.