Troubleshooting Common Issues While Using the Remote Test Lab Service

Ummey Habiba Bristy

Engineer, Samsung Developer Program

The Remote Test Lab is a service provided by Samsung that allows developers to remotely operate devices. You can use the Remote Test Lab service to debug and verify real-world device compatibility.

In this blog, we describe how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues that you could encounter while utilizing the Remote Test Lab service. In the final section of this blog, we talk about the Developer Support Program, which serves as a bridge between you and the engineers at the Remote Test Lab service. Samsung has created this program so that the developers can communicate directly with us.

Web client does not start

If you are new to the Remote Test Lab service and are having problems, such as the web client not starting after a reservation, check your computer and network configuration. Ensure that the appropriate settings are turned on. Also, ensure that your connection is not being blocked by your firewall.

However, if you have previously used the web client devices and are now experiencing this issue even if nothing has changed at your end, contact the Developer Support Program.

Getting an HTTP error

When accessing the Remote Test Lab website, you may encounter HTTP problems. This problem is usually caused by a network or browser issue at your end. In this instance, try the following:

  • Check if you are using the required browser to view the site.

  • Check your network. Try a different network if possible.

  • Use the browser's incognito mode to load the page.

  • Clear your browser's cache and try again.

Device does not have a Wi-Fi connection

A dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot is available at all the Remote Test Lab server sites. When you connect to the device with our client, it connects to the network automatically (SSID and password will be set on the device). If there is still no Internet access, please try the Reset Wi-Fi option in the web client. This should fix the Wi-Fi connection issue of the device.

Figure 1: Remote Test Lab web client

If this still does not work, contact the Developer Support Program with the Device Name. One of our operators will manually restore the network settings. Please note that we do not disclose Wi-Fi passwords with our users for security reasons.

Forgot to remove application and sensitive information from the device

You must delete your application and sensitive information from the device for security purposes. Otherwise, the next user may obtain this information. If somehow you are unable to remove your personal information from the device, report the Device Name to our Developer Support Program. Our respective team will reset the device for you.

Screen-Locked device

Do not use the screen lock unless it is necessary for testing your application. If you apply the screen lock or password, please remove them before your reservation ends. If you find a device with the screen lock, report that Device Name to us by contacting the Developer Support Program.

Device is responding with a high latency

The speed and latency of the Remote Test Lab service are greatly influenced by the distance between you and the device. So, for the greatest experience with the Remote Test Lab service, try to reserve the device that is available at the location which is closest to you.

Contacting the Developer Support Program

If you run into any problems or have any questions when utilizing the Remote Test Lab service, please contact our Developer Support Program. If you are having trouble with the issues listed above, try the solutions described earlier in this blog. If those solutions do not work for you, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

When reporting a device issue, include the Device Name so that our operator can investigate the problem and, if necessary, reset the device. The Usage History Tab is where you can find your reserved Device Name.

Figure 2: Usage History in the Remote Test Lab service

Hopefully, this blog helps you to utilize the Remote Test Lab service more effectively. Samsung always considers developers as an integral part of their ecosystem. This motive is highly reflected in our Remote Test Lab service which is an effort from Samsung to ensure that developers across the world have a convenient way to access a variety of Samsung devices and an effective way for debugging and checking real-world device compatibility.