SDC22 Developer Announcements

Mischa Shankerman

Sr. Marketing Manager, Samsung

The 2022 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco showcased some of Samsung’s latest innovations in technology. This year spotlighted Samsung’s brilliant minds innovating a Calm Technology ecosystem that gives consumers more seamless experiences in their daily lives.

Every year we kick off SDC with a Keynote speech. This year Jonghee Han, Head of the Device Experience (DX) Division, shared how Samsung Electronics is crafting systems that help make lives smarter, safer, more convenient, and more connected than ever before. Covering everything from Knox Matrix to holistic household platforms like Bixby Home Studio and SmartThings.

JH Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device Experience (DX) Division

For those interested in learning more, discover the developer updates shared at SDC in this blog post.

Samsung Electronics Integrates Matter into the SmartThings Ecosystem

Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President at Samsung Electronics and Head of SmartThings, shared how developers can maximize Calm Technology in the home by tapping into SmartThings new integration with Matter.

Jaeyeon Jung, VP and Head of SmartThings, Mobile Experience Business

Matter-Enabled devices will join numerous products and brands already available within SmartThings’ vast ecosystem, including devices from Google, eve Systems, Honeywell Home by Resideo, Linksys, Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, Schlage, Wemo, Yale, and more.

Developers, we invite you to build code with Matter-Enabled devices and watch the many SmartThings tech sessions.

Dolby Atmos Releases a 3-D Audio Plugin for Samsung Mobile

Matthew Reyes from Dolby announced Dolby Atmos’ a new audio plugin with AudioKinetic. The audio plugin enables game developers to create a 3-D surround sound effect for Galaxy Buds and Samsung mobile. Now players can feel every part of the action on their phones. Dolby’s free plugin offers developers a chance to create an even better immersive experience.

Check out Dolby’s tech session, which provides a plugin tutorial.

Samsung Open-Sources BotHandy Project

Sebastien Seung and the team at Samsung Research America released Samsung BotHandy’s "OpenBotHandy" open-source project. OpenBotHandy provides manipulation benchmark scenarios, real-time simulation, and baseline manipulation codes.

Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Samsung Research

Experiment with Samsung BotHandy and advance robot manipulation technologies.

Bixby Home Studio Simplifies Voice Commands

Bixby's Developer Evangelist, Roger Kibbe, shared what’s new with Bixby Developer Studio and Bixby Home Studio. This year's newest update is Bixby Home Studio's voice control optimization tool on SmartThings home devices. ASR, NLU, and an entire command system are now completed locally on one device. What this means is Bixby Home Studio allows developers to create code that helps consumers complete multiple tasks with a single command on the phone. Imagine, you can ask to turn on your AC, and Bixby Home Studio also checks to see if you have any windows open.

Roger Kibbe, Senior Developer Evangelist, North America Bixby Labs

Listen to Roger’s tech session for more updates and start developing with Bixby Home Studio.

Samsung Health Stack Optimizes Research Studies

Principal Engineer Jinwoo Song from Samsung Research’s Data Research Team demonstrated how Samsung Health Stack helps developers, engineers, and health professionals optimize research related to digital health using wearable devices. With Samsung Health Stack’s app SDK, developers can create mobile apps that collect data from participants. Applications include medical research studies, clinician services, or whatever your imagination envisions.

Tune in to Jinwoo's recorded tech session, and contribute your visions to Samsung Health Stack.

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