Event Recap: Intelligence of Things in Brazil

SmartThings Developers

On August 26-29, the Samsung Ocean research and development center in Manaus at the mouth of the Amazon River brought together developers, entrepreneurs and researchers to challenge each other about ways to enhance the amazing growth of and discuss the latest trends in IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recent advances in AI and machine learning have created a paradigm shift in every sector of the tech world. Everyone who attended the event was excited about the future and encouraged by all possibilities in this evolving technology landscape.

Samsung was well represented at the Amazonas State University School of Technology (EST / UEA) where the event took place. Our Samsung SmartThings Developer Relations team was there along with 300 developers, students, entrepreneurs, investors and educators.

SmartThings Lead for Developer Marketing Champions Voice and IoT

Alison Wise, SmartThings Developer Marketing, spoke about “Finding our Voice in IoT.” Her presentation highlighted the journey of SmartThings which began as a kickstarter project in 2012 and was acquired by Samsung in 2014. The talk focused on the new resources and tools available to developers in the SmartThings ecosystem, and looked ahead to the future opportunities for integrating voice capabilities with IoT devices, building a truly personalized home that “speaks” with you daily.

The voice assistant marketplace has grown 1000% to 7.8 billion in just the last five years. With this phenomenal growth there comes new and compelling possibilities when voice is integrated with IoT. With SmartThings app pre-loaded into millions of devices users can begin “working with SmartThings” easily, and developer innovations for new devices can be readily introduced into homes.

More about Samsung Ocean

The venue for the talk was a great place to discuss IoT and AI. Samsung Ocean, with headquarters in São Paulo and Manaus, Brazil is an important part of Samsung’s global initiative to encourage developing mobile technology solutions using Samsung platforms and tools. The program is dedicated to supporting the creation of new technology based startups. Their technology training center features the newest, most advanced infrastructure in the region for free technical training, research, and the fostering of entrepreneurship. Samsung Ocean provides free online and in-person courses, training and workshops. In 2019, the sessions that were most in-demand were on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR).

SmartThings Developer Events

SmartThings Developers will be on site in Krakow, Poland at the 2019 Mobiconf on October 3-4.

And mark your calendars now to join us October 29-30 at the Samsung Developer Conference in the San Jose Convention Center. Looking forward to meeting you!