IoT Fuse 2019 Recap

SmartThings Developers

Last week, Samsung SmartThings was in Minneapolis for IoT Fuse 2019 which featured the theme of “Revolutionizing the Future of IoT.”

There were over 1,500 IoT professionals attending the event where we all caught up on the current IoT trends and topics. IoT Fuse was a great place to catch up with the best and the brightest in the ever expanding tech community where the future was the focus.

Our team enjoyed the opportunities to host and attend workshops as well as network with amazing industry professionals.

We also heard from some of the top IoT innovators, including our own Stevan Vlaovic, PhD, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering for SmartThings.

Stevan shared “The Story of SmartThings: Finding Our Voice in IoT with Bixby.” The IoT market is slated to reach 30 billion connected devices by next year. The use of voice assistants will grow 1000% to reach 7.8 billion about 275 million voice-assisted devices by 2023. In his presentation, Stevan discussed the history of SmartThings and how it intersects with the history of IoT. He also described the growth in Smart home technology and how voice assistants including Bixby play a critical role in smart home adoption.

The SmartThings Engineering team held 2 workshops which gave hands-on insight to attendees.

The first workshop focused on "Device Connectivity; Integrating Devices to the Cloud and Getting Set up for Apps" presented by Tom Manley, Engineering Manager of Mesh Devices and Vinay Rao, Engineering Manager, Cloud Connected Device Integrations and Automations, and Broderick Carlin, Senior Software Engineer at SmartThings

Attendees learned how to integrate both a Zigbee device and a Wi-Fi device to the SmartThings platform. The Zigbee device connected via the SmartThings hub and the Wi-Fi device connects via a cloud service external to the SmartThings platform.

Our second workshop, "SmartThings Hands-On: Interacting with IoT Devices with Cloud Agnosticism" was presented by Alex Guyot, Senior Software Engineer and Luke Ness, Senior Software Engineer at SmartThings. Alex and Luke utilized AWS Lambda to deploy SmartThings apps to build within the cloud. They taught the audience how to send commands, listen to events and utilize numerous interaction points using an edge device.

We continue to broaden the SmartThings experience, and find new and better ways to make it easy to control all of your ‘things.’ IoT has come a long way in a short time.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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