Introducing the SmartThings Edge Device Builder with Step-by-Step Tutorial

SmartThings Developers

At Samsung Developer Conference 2023, SmartThings Developers unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools and features for SmartThings, including the new no-code Edge Device Builder and fingerprint-only Works with SmartThings (WWST) certification process in the Certification Console, making it easier than ever to integrate your Matter, Thread, Zigbee, and Z-Wave devices with SmartThings. Last month, WiZ Connected was able to quickly register, test, and publish their entire catalog of 359 Matter products in just days using these tools.


  • A Samsung account. Before applying for Works with SmartThings certification, be sure to read more about certification requirements on our developer documentation portal.
  • An existing device operating on the Matter, Z-Wave or Zigbee protocol.
  • An Android or iOS device running the latest version of the SmartThings app.
  • A SmartThings-compatible hub onboarded to your SmartThings account.

Get started with the Edge Device Builder

SmartThings Edge Drivers serve as the translator between device-specific protocols — including Matter WiFi & Thread, Zigbee, and Z-Wave  — and the SmartThings Capability model, allowing your device to seamlessly interoperate on the SmartThings platform. The Edge Device Builder provides a web-based interface for you to select the capabilities of your device and choose a pre-configured Edge driver for your device. Using the Edge Device Builder is quick, easy, and efficient. Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to integrate your device.

Onboard your device

Start by onboarding your device with the SmartThings mobile app. Use the Scan QR code or Scan nearby functions to quickly onboard your device. Do not worry if the device does not show all of your device's features in the mobile app.

After onboarding your device to SmartThings, you are ready to use the Edge Device Builder to update your device.

Select your onboarded device in the Edge Device Builder

Open the Edge Device Builder and select the device you want to match with an Edge driver. You may need to hit refresh to see your device.

Match your device to an existing Driver and Device Profile

After selecting your device, the Edge Device Builder provides you with potential Edge driver matches that may fit your device and its capabilities. Select the driver that most closely resembles your device — you can always change it later.

After selecting a driver for your device, select your device capabilities to see potential profile matches. Select a profile for your device to finish the Edge driver selection process.

Test your device

Click Apply Changes in the Edge Device Builder to apply the selected driver and device profile to your connected device. The selected capabilities of your device are now displayed.

Test your device to ensure all features function properly. If your device is working as expected, use the Share your Driver and Profile link to share the same configuration with your peers.

When you are ready to continue, the Edge Device Builder can transfer your configuration to the Certification Console.

Submit for WWST Certification

The Works with SmartThings certification program provides consumers with the confidence that they’re buying high-quality devices that work seamlessly with the SmartThings platform and their Samsung products. We encourage you to read more about WWST certification on our developer documentation portal before finalizing your submission.

The new Certification Console makes it easier than ever to certify your products. When using the Edge Driver Builder to configure your product, your integration details are automatically populated after clicking Submit for WWST Certification in the Edge Device Builder.

Once WWST certification is complete, customers can see your rich brand and product content — including images, descriptions, and purchase URLs — in our Supported Devices catalog and in the SmartThings app. Visited by millions of users, the SmartThings app and website present a great opportunity to showcase your WWST products with links to your own website.

Visit the Certification Console at any time to view your Analytics Dashboard and track user engagement with your products.


SmartThings Edge Builder brings a host of benefits to the smart home ecosystem and empowers developers to take control of their devices and speed through WWST certification. For more information, visit For support with bulk registration of your portfolio of products, contact