Sample-based Tutorials

This topic describes sample applications that introduce basic Native Client features, and explains how to access the sample source code in the Tizen Studio.


Due to NaCl deprecation by the Chromium project, Tizen TV will continue its support for NaCl only until 2021-year products. Meanwhile, Tizen TV will start focusing on high-performance, cross-browser WebAssembly from 2020-year products.

The following tutorials introduce how to implement basic Native Client (NaCl) features using C and C++.

Table 1. Tutorials and source code
Tutorial Description Source Code Download
Hello World in C This module waits for a “Hello World” message from the JavaScript component and sends a reply message.
Hello World in C++
Input Events in C++ This module detects and logs mouse or keyboard input events within the plugin area.
2D Graphics in C++ This module creates a 2D flame animation that can be controlled with the mouse.
3D Graphics in C++ This module creates a rotating, textured 3D cube that can be controlled with the mouse.
Audio in C++ This module loads multiple WAV files, and the user can start, pause, and stop their playback.
Sockets in C++ This module creates simple TCP and UDP sockets that echo text messages sent to them.

You can access the sample application source code from within the Tizen Studio, or download the source code and open it in an editor of your choice.

To access the sample application source code in the Tizen Studio:

  1. Select "File > New > Other".
  2. In the "Select a wizard" dialog, select "Tizen > Samsung TV > Tizen NaCl App (C/C++)", and click "Next".
  3. Enter a project name and folder, select the programming language and Pepper toolchain version, and click "Next".

    To compile the sample applications, you must use a Pepper toolchain version 42 or higher.

  4. In the "Select project content" dialog, click "Example projects", select the sample you want from the list, and click "Next".
  5. Select the screen resolution you want, and click "Finish".

In the Tizen Studio, you can use a cheat sheet to study key parts of the sample code. To open the cheat sheet, select "Help > Cheat Sheets > NaCl Application > NaCl demo guides > [required cheat sheet]" and click "OK".

To test a sample application on the TV emulator, you must compile and build the application with the Tizen Studio. If you simply want to test the application in the Google Chrome™ browser, you can also compile the code manually with the make command.