A powerful solution to run applications in a trusted execution environment.

What is Samsung TEEGRIS?

Samsung TEEGRIS is a system-wide security solution that allows you to run applications in a trusted execution environment based on TrustZone. We present the TEEGRIS architecture for external developers to enable their trusted applications and services. Samsung Mobile uses the TEEGRIS framework for several commercial projects. You can utilize the TEEGRIS framework to run and deploy your applications. TEEGRIS supports TrustZone technologies and guarantees the strengths of security (for example, hardware cryptography, binary encryption, access control) and performance (such as multicore, multithreading). In addition, TEEGRIS provides a variant of GlobalPlatform APIs such as Trusted User Interface, Trusted Storage, and so on. TEEGRIS provides end-to-end service deployment environments so you can write, manage, and deploy trusted applications on TEEGRIS.

TEEGRIS key features

Provides You can
Cryptographic operation

No worry about home-made cryptography
Trusted Storage Keystore/Keymaster

Safely store your assets in H/W storage
Trusted User Interface

Safely get user input and show display
H/W crypto accelerator

Enjoy H/W crypto performance
Mathematical function

Develop a biometrics matching algorithm
Network socket connection

Communicate with your remote server safely
Multi core behavior

Get much faster performance
PThread execution

Develop applications with multithreading


The SAMSUNG TEEGRIS SDK is a Software Development Kit for making your trusted applications. It is only available to strategic partners with strategic partnership agreements. Please contact if you would like to discuss a strategic partnership with Samsung TEEGRIS.