Launch Your Tizen .NET Application on a Samsung TV 5.0 Emulator

Juwon Ahn

Staff Engineer

Tizen .NET applications can be launched through APPS on the Samsung TV 5.0 emulator.

TV Extension Image 5.0.0 Download - Release Note

  1. Install 5.0 TV and TV-related extensions through Tizen Studio 3.0 Package Manager > Main SDK/Extension SDK.

    Note: TV Extension Image 5.0.0 version should be installed. If an earlier version of Tizen Studio is installed, remove the existing version and install version 5.0.0.

  2. Launch the HD1080 TV (Platform: tv-samsung-5.0-x86) emulator from Tizen Studio 3.0 Emulator Manager.

  3. Install your Tizen .NET application on this emulator.

  4. Press HOME > Left (Move to APPS) > Up, then move to your .NET application using Right and Left direction keys, and press Enter.