SDC 2018 Recap from the Tizen team

Jay Cho

Tizen .NET was introduced at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, held in San Francisco on Nov. 7 and 8. Samsung hosted three Tizen .NET booths and one session held by Vincent Kwon.

Tizen .NET Overview

Tizen .NET information and experiences were presented at the SDC 2018 booths:

  • Real-world Tizen .NET sample applications for both Galaxy Watch and Smart TV were introduced.
  • Hands-on experiences for developing Tizen .NET.
  • Tizen .NET was adopted to the Tizen platform to provide an enhanced experience to developers.
  • Visual Studio and C# language, including .NET standard APIs, were used to develop Tizen .NET.
  • Tizen .NET supports Xamarin.Forms, the cross-platform UI framework.
  • Xamarin.Forms extensions Tizen Circular UI and Tizen TV UI Controls were introduced.
  • All source code related to Tizen .NET is open in GitHub.

Tizen .NET for Galaxy Watch - Booth 1

Tizen .NET for Galaxy Watch - Visitors experienced Tizen .NET applications, such as Voice Memo, Alarm, and XStopwatch, running on Galaxy Watch. - The development environment for the watch was introduced.

Tizen .NET for Samsung Devices - Booth 2

Tizen .NET for Galaxy Watch - Visitors experienced Tizen .NET in many different device profiles, such as a watch, TV, and refrigerator. - The sample application TMDB, registered in the US TV store, was introduced. - Xamarin.Forms sample applications and third-party library samples running on the watch and the TV were introduced.

Tizen .NET SDK - Booth 3

Tizen .NET for Galaxy Watch

  • Development environments for both Windows and macOS were presented, allowing visitors to experience actual SDKs, tools, and guides.
  • All types of Tizen emulators for wearables, TVs, and mobile devices, as well as different platform emulators for Android and iOS, were used to run sample applications.
  • Visitors could easily write a simple video player demo and run it on several different emulator platforms.


What's New in Tizen .NET

Vincent Kwon, who is responsible for the Tizen .NET framework, led the "What's New in Tizen .NET" session.

Tizen .NET was adapted to Samsung TV products last year and provides a convenient way to develop applications on Samsung TV devices. This year, the new Galaxy Watch products have added Tizen .NET for its new application model. Developers can now benefit from the same productive development environment and useful APIs especially designed for Galaxy Watch devices. In this session, we will live-update the Tizen .NET framework and SDK for the third-party application developers for Samsung Galaxy Watch and TVs.


We were delighted to introduce and share Tizen .NET with the many people who visited the booths. Thanks to all partners who showed interest in Tizen .NET.