Add a Splash Screen to Your Tizen .NET Application

Kangho Hur

Principal Engineer

A splash screen appears instantly while your app launches and is quickly replaced with the app's first screen. Splash screens can be customized based on orientation and resolution.
In this blog, we take a look at how to add splash screens to your Tizen .NET applications.

We'll use the StopWatch sample application for testing. Download the source code here.

Quick Guide

  • Step 1. Edit the tizen-manifest.xml file (we recommend you use the XML editor).

    • The following code adds <splash-screens> into the <ui-application> element. The image file is located in shared/res.
    • For further information, refer to the Attribute Description section.
  • Step 2. Build, package, and install the application.

  • Step 3. Launch the application.

No splash image With splash image

The splash screen image is shown only when you launch the application by choosing from an application list, not when launching directly from Visual Studio. Also, it is shown only when the app is launched for the first time. Make sure that the splash image is not shown if the app is running in the background and reactivates, or resumes.

Attribute Description

ui-application Element

  • splash-screen-display Attribute (optional)
    • Value: true or false
    • Description: Specifies whether or not the splash screen is displayed. The default value is true.

splash-screen Element

  • src Attribute (mandatory)
    • Value: The file name of splash image (*.png, *.jpg, or *.edj)
    • Description: Specifies the resource file for the splash screen.
  • type Attribute (mandatory)
    • Value: img or edj
    • Description: Specifies the resource type.
  • orientation Attribute (mandatory)
    • Value: portrait or landscape
    • Description: Specifies the orientation of the splash image.
  • dpi Attribute (optional)
    • Value: ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, or xxhdpi
    • Description: Specifies the resource resolution.
  • indicator-display Attribute (optional)
    • Value: true or false
    • Description: Specifies whether or not the indicator is displayed while the splash image is showing (mobile only). The default value is true.
  • app-control-operation Attribute (optional)
    • Value: (string)
    • Description: Specifies the specific app-control operation. Refer to ( for further information about app-control operations.

The <splash-screens> element can have multiple <splash-screen> elements.

A splash screen adds a little extra to your already interesting app. With the info in this blog, create your splash screen today!