Introducing New Xamarin.Forms Extension Libraries for Tizen

Jay Cho


One advantage of using Xamarin.Forms when creating an application is the accessibility of an experienced open source community. You can learn a lot and get many ideas for developing an application from the community. The best part is that there are tons of Xamarin.Forms extension libraries that can help you develop an application very efficiently and beautifully.

Tizen support is frequently added to many third-party Xamarin.Forms UI libraries. Today, I would like to introduce some popular libraries that recently started to support Tizen. See how these libraries can boost your application.


Sharpnado.Shadows allows you to add as many custom shadows as you like (such as Color, Offset, Blur, Neumorphism) to any Xamarin.Forms View. SkiaSharp is used to implement Shadows for Tizen. Visit Sharpnado.Shadows to learn how to initialize and use Shadows in an application.

Below shows a Shadows sample application running on Tizen.


PancakeView is an extended ContentView for Xamarin.Forms that includes rounded corners, borders, gradients, shadows, and more. It is essential to use gradient colors and rounded corners in a View to beautify an application. SkiaSharp is used to implement PancakeView, and Tizen support for PancakeView is included starting from version of Xamarin.Forms.PancakeView. Visit PancakeView to learn more about PancakeView and what features are provided.

Below shows a PancakeView sample application running on Tizen.


CardsView provides many styles of Views (such as CardsView, CarouselView, CoverFlowView, and CubeView) which include fancy animation and effects. Visit CardsView to learn how to set up and use CardsView in your application.

Below shows a CardsView sample application running on Tizen.


Rg.Plugins.Popup is a cross-platform plugin for Xamarin.Forms which allows you to open Xamarin.Forms pages as a pop-up. Visit Rg.Plugins.Popup to learn more.

Below shows an Rg.Plugins.Popup sample application running on Tizen.

Thanks to all those wonderful community members who add Tizen support to their libraries. Now, not only can you experience a better development environment, but you can easily port existing Xamarin.Forms applications which use these libraries to Tizen.