Workout, a Tizen Sample App for Monitoring Health Sensors

Patryk Falba

Senior Software Engineer

The Workout app was created to show how to implement a fully working application that supports running on wearable devices with Tizen.

Workout is written in C# and uses the Xamarin.Forms and Tizen.CircularUI frameworks.




This version of the application allows you to measure the following parameters while running:

  • Running time
  • Distance traveled
  • Heart rate
  • Pace
  • Present effort

In the summary of the training, the application also shows the most common range of effort.

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In a series of blogs publishing this week, we will describe and show how key functionalities of the application are implemented, such as:

  • Distance traveled
  • Heart rate (intensity)
  • Workout summary

A detailed tutorial describing the application can be found on



You can download and test the app from the link below:

In the next release of the application, it will collect workout data and give an insight into the history. It will also allow you to edit user profile settings such as age or the distance measurement unit.

If you have an idea for functionality or have any comments about the application, let us know!