Add to Samsung Wallet

'Add to Samsung Wallet' service also known as ATW, defines interfaces for users to conveniently add digital contents to Samsung Wallet.

Service flow

Figure 1: Add to Samsung Wallet

The most common and straightforward method is the Data Transmit Link approach, which securely includes tokenized data in the ATW link. The ATW link format for this method is as follows.

  • The name Data Transmit Link has been changed from Typical flow.
Type Value Description
URL{Card Id}#Clip?cdata={Card Data Token}
Path parameters Card ID String(32) Required Wallet card identifier issued from Partner portal when the partner manager signs up for partner services and registers the wallet card they want to service.
Hash path parameters #Clip String(5) Required Parameters for the Hash link
* The first letter is capitalized

Query parameters cdata Object Required Actual payload data in basic JSON format to communicate between partners and Samsung Wallet.
This must be secured in JWT(JSON Web Token) format.
* Refer to Security for more details.

… … … …
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In cases involving sensitive data or when providing static links, Data Fetch Link method is highly recommended. Links using this approach include only a unique reference ID, and Wallet Cards are added by querying data through Get Card Data path as specified in Partner portal.

  • The name Data Fetch Link has been changed from Slim data flow.
  • Please be aware that if the link is exposed to unintended users, it can be exploited. Please prepare the integration with this in mind.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the refId, used for a reference value, is generated in a manner that is not easily deducible by potential attackers.
Type Value Description
URL{Card Id}#Clip?pdata={Reference ID}
Path parameters Card ID String Required Wallet card identifier.
* It must be generated from Partners Portal.

Hash path parameters #Clip String Required Parameters for the Hash link
Query parameter pdata String Required Unique ID defined by content providers. This has identification for each user's Wallet Card contents.
* For secure transactions, a Reference ID(refId) must be in a form that cannot be inferred.