"Add to Wallet" Test Tool


The "Add to Wallet" test tool is a mobile tool to test Samsung Wallet features by using a valid partner's private key.

  • Add to Wallet: Feature for testing adding a wallet card into your Samsung Wallet application, such as a boarding pass, ticket, coupon etc.
  • Push Notification: Feature for testing push notification scenarios for the Samsung Wallet application.

Partners can access the test site using the address below:

Server URL
PROD https://partner.walletsvc.samsung.com/addToWalletTest

Sign In

Partners can sign in with their Samsung account on a mobile device by clicking the "Sign In" button.

"Add to Wallet" Test

Partners can test their wallet cards by entering the information for each area, as shown below.

Input Partner's Private Key

Input the private key of a valid partner you want to test.
The private key can only be imported based on PKCS8 / algorithm: RS256.

Select Partner’s Wallet Card

Choose a partner card from the list to test it.

Test for Add to Wallet

Complete entering the card data and click "Add to Samsung Wallet" button.

Each type of Wallet card details is described in the Wallet Cards section.