Watch Face Design Review

In order to offer the best experience for consumers in Galaxy Store, we are only approving watch face sellers who can demonstrate the ability to create exceptional, unique, high-quality watch faces and who understand and abide by copyright laws.

If you are a previous watch face designer or developer: our policy and pledge have been updated in order protect intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, patent and design of brands/creators, and to offer the best curated experience for consumers. If you are unable to upload or update your designs to Seller Portal, you must submit a request for a design review. You must receive approval from the Galaxy Watch Review Team in order to distribute or sell your watch faces in Galaxy Store again.

If you are a first-time watch face designer or developer: before you can upload your first watch face into Seller Portal, your initial designs must be evaluated and approved by the Galaxy Watch Review Team.

Only approved sellers can upload watch faces to Seller Portal.

While you can submit an application for design evaluation during the next application cycle, only a limited number of designers are approved.

2022 Watch Face Application Window* Decision Communicated by
February 10 - February 23 March, 2022
May 12 - May 25 June, 2022
August 11 - August 24 September, 2022
November 10 - November 23 December, 2022

*Dates are subject to change.

Application Window Status


You must submit the following files and information when you request a design review:

A single PDF file that contains the following:
A cover letter (in English) that includes:
  • A brief paragraph saying who you are, why you want to sell watch faces, and how your designs will enhance a Galaxy smart watch owner’s experience

  • If a business, a copy of DBA or articles of association or organization

  • Experiences that qualify you to design and sell watch faces such as: certificates or diplomas from design schools or universities, design awards you have received, or other experiences

  • Links to your design portfolio (website, Instagram, Facebook page or other social media sites)

  • List unique features or design elements that set your designs apart from others

  • Understanding of Intellectual Property rights, specifically section 3.2 of the App Distribution Guide, regarding Intellectual Property. State in a few sentences what Intellectual Property rights are and who is responsible

Include up to five watch face designs for review. For each watch face design, include:
  • One image of the main screen of your watch face design (native resolution of at least 360 x 360px and 96 PPI [pixels per inch])

  • One image of your watch face applied to a watch

  • Optionally, provide any additional images that demonstrate the features of your watch that are not shown in the main screen image (for example, animation).

See Resources for generating images for tools you can use and information about how to capture and create images.

If you are submitting copyrighted content, a copy of the license or document showing permission to use the content.

The following are example images for a watch design that do not contain any copyrighted content (all images were generated using Galaxy Watch Studio):

How to request a design review

  1. Go to Watch Face Designs Review Request.

  1. Log in using your Samsung account.

  2. Provide the required information (explained in the Requirements section above).

Resources for generating images

Resources you can use to generate the images for your request include:

  • If you used Galaxy Watch Studio, from the Run window you can view and capture images of your watch face and your watch face applied to a Galaxy Watch (these images are 512 x 512px at 96 PPI)

  • If you tested your design on a watch, capture a screenshot (these images are 360 x 360px at 96 PPI)

  • Once you have an image of your watch face, use Galaxy Store Asset Creator or Lifestyle Photo Assets to help create additional images (requires Adobe Photoshop)

Use of these resources is optional.

Common reasons for watch face rejection

The following are common reasons why a watch face is rejected:

  • Includes copyright-protected content (and does not include a copy of a license or document showing permission to use)

  • Too simple, not original, not unique, or not creative

  • Poor appearance or arrangement

  • Images are low quality

  • Request does not include the required images

Copyrighted content

Watch faces that include any copyright-protected content, including but not limited to brand identifiers, public institutions, sports clubs/teams, media, products, landmarks, or images of people, are rejected unless a license or other document showing permission to use the content is submitted with the designs. This includes any original or artistic renderings of copyright-protected content.

Simple, original, and unique designs

Some watch faces may be too basic or the Galaxy Watch Review Team has seen (and may have approved) the same or similar designs. Here are examples of watch faces that are too simple or are not original. The watch faces use only the components provided with Galaxy Watch Studio or use a format or concept already used in many other watch faces.


Examples of watch faces that are too simple or are not original

A watch face should be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Be creative

There are thousands of designs available for download from the Galaxy Store. How will you make your design stand out from the rest? For example, if you want to design a watch face that shows battery usage and health content, using the default components provided by Galaxy Watch Studio is not enough. Create your own icons or develop a motif for your design. Add some sophistication or panache. Give your design its own personality.

The following watch faces are examples of rejected designs that show battery usage and health content. These designs don’t grab your attention or are not very sophisticated. Note that the last two designs are similar even though they were created by different developers.


Examples of rejected watch faces presenting the same information and are not creative nor unique

Content appearance and arrangement

Are you providing enough information? Are you providing too much information? Are your components easy to read and understand in a glance? For example, the color or opacity of a background image or component may make the watch face difficult to read. Or, there may be too much content or it is poorly organized such that you have to stare at the watch face to try and understand even the basic information provided.

The following watch faces are examples that were rejected. The information provided in the watch face is not easy to read.


Examples of rejected watch faces that are difficult to read

Image quality

Another common issue with rejected designs is that the submitted image or images embedded in the design are a low quality. All images should be well-defined and sharp. Images generated from a Galaxy Watch screen capture or Galaxy Watch Studio (provided that embedded images used in the design are also high quality) are acceptable. The native (original and unmodified) resolution of a screen capture from a Galaxy Watch is 360 x 360px at 96 PPI (pixels per inch). The native resolution of a screen capture from Galaxy Watch Studio is 512 x 512px at 96 PPI. Note that if you generate your image differently, just because an image matches one of these resolutions, it does not mean the image is high quality. A blurry image in high resolution is still just a blurry image.

Overall designs or embedded images that are pixelated or blurry will be rejected. If your design purposely contains pixelated or blurry images, please provide an explanation in the comments section of the review request.

Pixelated image

Blurry image

Sharp image

Submitted images

A minimum of two images of your design must be submitted with your design review request. One of the images must show how the design is displayed in a watch. For example, if the following image is submitted, the Galaxy Watch Review Team would not know what the design would look like in an actual watch. Would the watch face be centered inside the image, would the entire image fill the watch face, or would the image need to be cropped? The Galaxy Watch Review Team cannot determine this based on this image.

Example of an image that does not meet submission criteria

Examples of well-designed watch faces

The following are examples of high-quality watch faces that meet or exceed the expectations of the Galaxy Watch Review Team.

<a href="">AWF New Digital</a> by amoledwatchfaces
<a href="">Matveyan - Round rainbow</a> by MatveyAn
<a href="">USA Florencia</a> by USA Design
<a href="">WAW | FlashY</a> by WAW Watch Faces