Samsung Developers Podcast, Season 3

In Season 3, Tony has a great group of guests from top gaming companies as well as
insiders that will give great advice on how to succeed with Samsung.



Date Topic Guest(s)
13 July 2022 Foldables, Games Soren Lambaek (Samsung), Guy Merin (Microsoft), Ade Oshineye (Google)

18 May 2022 Galaxy Store, Games Miklós Váradi, The Tiny Digital Factory

4 May 2022 Galaxy Store, In-App Purchase Maria Ly, Skimble

20 Apr 2022 Games, Galaxy Store Chris Benjaminsen, FRVR

6 Apr 2022 Games, Galaxy Store Tobias Thorsen & Peter Holm, Biodome Games

16 Mar 2022 Galaxy Themes, Galaxy Store Derrick Lee, Polycube

02 Mar 2022 Games, Galaxy Store Eric Krause, Riot Games