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Galaxy Themes Studio

Galaxy Themes Service is the unique service of Galaxy smartphones that have been provided since the launch of Galaxy S6 model in 2015.
To give professional designers a chance to participate in Service Biz, we are providing Galaxy Themes Studio (Authoring Tool).
Using this Galaxy Themes Studio, you can freely design the GUI of the Galaxy smartphone without coding and create it as an APK file.
The completed APK can be sold to Galaxy smartphone users around the world for a fee within the Galaxy Store.

2023 Themes Designer Recruitment Guide

  • Application period: July 1st - July 31st, 2023
  • Final announcement: August 31, 2023
  • Recruitment: A small number
  • Qualification period: September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2025 (2 years)

What is Galaxy Themes Studio?

Galaxy Themes Studio is a GUI Design Authoring Tool exclusively for Galaxy smartphones provided to those selected as theme designers.
Using this, you can create theme packages, wallpapers, icons, and AODs.

Become a Themes Designer

To be selected as a theme designer, you need to submit a portfolio consisting of theme design drafts for screening.
The portfolio is accepted only during the theme designer recruitment period.
The final selected designer will be given the right to use Galaxy Themes Studio.

If you are already working as a theme designer, access the theme partner page via the link below.

Step 3

Submit Your Themes Portfolio

Step 4

Samsung Portfolio Review

Step 5

Galaxy Themes Studio Approval

Please download Themes Submission Starter Kit after signing up for Samsung account. The Starter kit contains an example along with a Photoshop template (including an app icon and six UI screens).

Please complete and submit three themed design drafts (6 sheets per type, a total of 18 sheets) in one PDF file.
Please submit the completed portfolio by pressing the “Open (Click to apply)” button. (It is activated only during the reception period)

The submitted portfolio will be reviewed internally, and the results of the review will be notified by the applicant's email.
If you are selected as a theme designer, we will grant you the right to use Galaxy Themes Studio, a web tool for theme production. (Separate guide)

Download: Themes Submission Starter Kit


Content produced by Galaxy Themes Studio only works on Galaxy smartphones.
Content produced through Galaxy Themes Studio can only be distributed through Galaxy Store.