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Samsung provides an app store for Galaxy devices as well as many tools to help you improve the performance of your games, platforms to increase your user base, and services to increase your revenue. Learn more about these tools, services, and opportunities available to your brand.

Galaxy Store
Samsung's marketplace for your games and apps, with Galaxy device users in over 180 countries.
Discover Galaxy Store
See what Galaxy Store can bring to your game.
Prep your game for Galaxy Store
Recommendations for creating your APK before submitting to Galaxy Store.
Game Launcher
A high-engagement premium marketing channel reaching the global Galaxy user base.
Galaxy GameDev
Looking for information on game development in general? Galaxy GameDev provides technical support and best practices for game development in both the Android and Galaxy ecosystems.
Galaxy Performance SDK
The Galaxy Performance SDK enables the system and the application to communicate and react to changes in resource availability and demand.
Monetize your game
Discover different ways to generate revenue in Galaxy Store.
Create in-app purchase items
Use Samsung IAP to sell game items. Includes examples, Unity and Unreal plugins, and more.
View performance metrics
Use Galaxy Store Statistics, included with Seller Portal, to view sales, downloads, conversion, and so much more.
Marketing Resources
Promotional guidelines and tools to help you become a successful seller in Galaxy Store.
Third-Party Attribution Platforms
Track user data using third-party attribution platforms integrated with Galaxy Store.
Add a Galaxy Store review link
Share a link from your app to your app's review page. Positive reviews can influence purchases.

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