(SDC 2019) More Than Foldables: Android App for Foldables and Larger Screens

Nov 7, 2019

(Android 11) Expanding your app beyond the phone

August 13, 2020

Foldable phones give your app a new surface to run on that may be different than what you’re currently developing and testing for. App continuity, different input mediums, and larger displays give room for both challenges and new experiences to be built.

(Android 11) Screens - large, small and foldable

Jun 11, 2020

Learn about different screen configurations and window features supported by Android, explore design challenges with new and existing products, and take a look at some of the latest tools and APIs in the platform and Jetpack.

(ADS 2018) Is Your App Ready For Foldable Phones?

Dec 04. 2018

As new form factors are being explored, the user experience needs to be completely reimagined. In this session, you will learn about a new set of platform-level developer guidelines so that you can develop apps for display configurations of the future.