Samsung Health SDK for Android

Samsung Health SDK for Android enables sharing health data between Samsung Health running on Android phones and partner apps. It also enables partner apps to use Samsung Health's tracker feature through app creation with the SDK. Samsung Health's partner apps can provide their users with additional services with Samsung Health SDK for Android.

The SDK provides secure access to Samsung Health data with applicable data types. Data sharing, however, is enabled only after the user's explicit consent. The user can select detailed data sharing settings including which partner app will access the user's data, and which data type will be read or written. Furthermore, a partner app can launch a Samsung Health's tracker and define its own tracker tile.

Samsung Health SDK for Android provides the Health Data features.

Health Data

Health Data has the following features:

  • Health Data Store

    Samsung Health SDK for Android keeps users' health data secured. The health data store handles the service connection. It facilitates reading Samsung Health's data or writing the partner's health data to Samsung Health.

  • Health Data Type

    It provides useful data types. Each data type is designed to contain a given health data type's information. It is used to access the data in Health Data Store.

  • Permissions and User Controls

    The user's health data are sensitive information. Handling data with the SDK is only available with the user's explicit consent. Health Data provides a unified user interface and gives the user control of the data sharing settings easily for each data type.

Partner Apps Program

Partner App Program is an exclusive service for Samsung Health that allows users to discover engaging health and fitness applications.

SDK Download

After having a partnership with Samsung Health, download Samsung Health SDK for Android and create your app.

Samsung Health SDK for Android | Data (v1.5.0) Nov 3, 2020

Connection Design Guide

Samsung Health's partner apps connect to Samsung Health with Samsung Health SDK for Android. Unified interfaces in partner apps seamlessly connect with Samsung Health to provide uninterrupted user experience to the users. For the best result, please see Connection Design Guide.

  • Notification of Samsung Health connection

    The launch screen of a partner app, event pop-up, or information space is a good approach to notify users of connecting with Samsung Health. A partner app needs to inform users with as concrete description and information as possible.

  • Menu for Connecting to Samsung Health

    A partner app should provide a menu with a convenient interface for the user to change the data sync setting with Samsung Health.

  • Samsung Health Name & Icon

    Samsung Health's name and its icon should be used properly in a partner app.


  • Samsung Health Android SDK requires Samsung Health installation.
    The latest SDK works with Samsung Health 6.12 or above.
    See the SDK and Samsung Health’s compatible versions here.

  • Samsung Health runs on devices with Android 8.0 Oreo (API level 26) or above.
    It is available on all Samsung smartphones and also non-Samsung Android smartphones.

  • An app’s targetSdkVersion that uses Samsung Health SDK for Android should be 26 or above.

The SDK provides APIs to check whether the device supports the SDK. See FAQ for more information.