Samsung Internet 12.1

Ada Rose Cannon

Web Developer Advocate

Lots of small quality of life improvements

One benefit of using Samsung Internet is regular updates to improve your browsing experience. Samsung Internet 12.1 focuses on improving the experience on specific devices and improving the tab bar and tab switcher.

You can test these out right now by downloading the beta from the Galaxy or Play stores:

Samsung Internet Browser Beta

There is a new layout on tablet devices to move the toolbar, usually at the bottom on mobile to sit next to the address bar so it behaves like a desktop browser.

We’ve also added a new feature for devices which can ‘flex’ like the Z Flip, shown below.

When you are watching video, if you flex the device we will play the video on the top half and the controls on the bottom half giving a lovely viewing experience.

The tab bar is a feature which has been present for a few versions. It’s an optional tab bar like you would get in a desktop browser.

The tab bar in Samsung Internet

The first new feature is a context menu to let you control your tabs easily without needing to open up the tab switcher:

The context menu.

The final feature is one I am very excited about which is support for Augmented Reality websites with the WebXR device API. This feature will get an entire blog post on it’s own so stay tuned.