Leverage SAP and Samsung Mobile Technologies to Empower Workers with an Enterprise-Ready User Experience

Marisa Wollner
UX Design Manager, SAP Core Design

Sandeep TDS
Product Manager, SAP Mobile Services

Bobby Kaloty
Product Manager, SAP Mobile Experience and Engineering

Empower the modern workforce

In today's hybrid work environment, knowledge workers need access to critical tasks and data, especially when they're away from their desks. Companies are looking to enhance their operational resilience by enabling their workforce to stay informed and act promptly, all while on-the-go. With Samsung and SAP Mobile Start, companies can bring relevant business content to the fingertips of every employee through a personalized and seamless user experience across all devices.

Unlock the power of Samsung and SAP mobile technologies

Ensure a consistent user experience across various Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy series, Folds, and Tabs, using SAP Fiori for Android which leverages Google's latest UI components and offers tailored components for business contexts.

For those who want to develop apps for Galaxy Watch running Wear OS powered by Samsung, SAP Fiori for Wear OS provides valuable enterprise design guidelines, which enhance the app creation process by enabling a more efficient workflow.

Build your perfect app suite for every Samsung user

Build best-in-class enterprise mobile applications running on Samsung devices with SAP Mobile Services, an open standard based service hosted on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). The SAP BTP Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android seamlessly integrates essential enterprise mobility features with the versatile device capabilities and ecosystem offered by Samsung.

By harnessing the power of SAP and Samsung mobile technologies, businesses can revolutionize their mobile workforce. Empowering employees with intuitive access to critical tasks and data — regardless of their location — is key to driving operational resilience and staying ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape.

SAP and Samsung are exploring avenues to bring a delightful experience to enterprise users working with Samsung mobile apps.

So why wait? Unlock the full potential of SAP and Samsung today and take your mobile workforce to new heights!