Samsung and Wrike: Helping You Reach Peak Productivity Anywhere

Cheryl Johnson

Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Samsung and Wrike have joined forces, positioning Wrike as one of the favored B2B solution applications offered by Samsung. This partnership takes the Wrike mobile app to a new level and leverages Samsung-specific features to enhance user productivity and functionality. From dark mode to Gantt charts, artificial intelligence, and full tablet support, Wrike has set the bar for quality and usability — all the more important with the move to remote and hybrid work.

Some of the advantages resulting from this partnership include:


Flex Mode

Flex Mode enables hands-free editing and updating of tasks or projects so you can maintain focus without losing sight of the big picture. As your project evolves, Flex Mode accommodates shifting priorities, creating a responsive and adaptable work environment. Despite this fluidity, a structured framework is upheld, ensuring a high level of organization.


S Pen

Samsung’s newest stylus helps you jot down notes or mark up annotations on all types of files across all devices — without leaving Wrike. This intuitiveness, coupled with long battery life, lets you write seamlessly so you can start and complete tasks as desired, even in Portrait Mode or Flex Mode.                                                                                       


DeX Mode

Experience the power of Samsung DeX, which turns your smartphone into a fully functional desktop computer. Simply connect your Galaxy to a monitor or TV via a USB cable to bring it to life on the big screen. With DeX, you can multitask like a pro, boosting efficiency and productivity.                                                                                                     

When you purchase your Samsung device, be sure to download the Wrike app and activate your trial account.