Samsung Internet 13.2

Ada Rose Cannon

Web Developer Advocate

Happy Holidays! Have a treat from the Samsung Internet team.

Today we are happy to announce another big update to Samsung Internet. You can try it out as a beta today or soon in the stable release. This release continues our drive of giving a smooth user experience, allowing you to change Samsung Internet to your needs.

Smart Protect

Some websites act as honey pots to redirect you to malicious sites which try to persuade you to download malicious software. If we detect you have landed on one of these sites we will prompt you to return to where you came from.



Quickly go to your copied URL

This feature makes it a lot quicker to travel to URLs which are stored in your clipboard. Tap the URL bar to bring up the quick access menu and you can navigate to the URL in the clipboard with a single tap.



OS Settings Integration

Samsung Internet is almost endlessly configurable, but finding the option you need can sometimes be tricky. Now you can use the search functionality of the settings app to find the settings to configure Samsung Internet. This feature relys on some of the features of Android P to use so make sure your Android device is fully updated.



ARCore Upgrade

If you have read some of my other articles you may be aware that I am a big proponent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on the Web.

After the recent AR Core update to improve some of it’s features, AR functionality in Samsung Internet was broken. The latest 13.2 beta has been built to support the latest AR core so it now works again. This fix is currently rolling out so may take a few more days for the version of the beta with the fix to land on your device.



Dark Mode Trial

We are also launching a trial of the prefers-color-scheme media query and the color-scheme meta-tag CSS property. Read about them in this companion post.

If you find any bugs or issues please lets us know at