Samsung Internet Newsletter: February 2022

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Welcome to our February 2022 Newsletter!

The Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy team is starting off 2022 with a foray into the innovative and exciting arena of ... email? Starting this month, we’re going to be sending out a monthly newsletter that combines some notes on what we’ve been up to in the last month, a wrap-up of some of our advocacy work (including blog posts, videos, open source contributions, etc…) and some links to news items we think are notable for web developers. We’re keen to get your feedback on our format and what you’d find especially useful. Remember you can always find us online via our Twitter account, at our Medium blog and at

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Kicking off, we’re excited to announce the release of Samsung Internet 16.0 to our stable channel. 16.0 includes a new option to place the URL bar at the bottom of the screen, automatic https upgrades (which can be activated in the Labs menu), enhanced searching and enhancements to our tracking protection. You can read more about 16.0 in our blog post on the beta release. Meanwhile we are shipping 16.2 Beta in our Beta channel. 16.2 improves dark mode and enables our Device Posture API for folding screens by default. You can always find Samsung Internet and Samsung Internet Beta at and respectively.


Meanwhile we’ve been busy in the world of standards as well. The Immersive Web Working group (co-chaired by Ada) has been working on a new charter incorporating many new WebXR features including the Model element for displaying 3D models in-line in web pages, as well as additional AR and VR features. The W3C Developer Council (co-chaired by Lola) is also kicking off a new year looking for new ways to bring web developers into the standards community and process. For folding screens, Laura has been looking at ways to augment the Device Posture API to give developers additional information when composing UI elements.

Where to Find Us

You’ll see our advocates in the following events in the coming months.

Ada will be speaking about Augmented Reality at CityJS on the 23-25 March, Regent Street Cinema in London, UK. Find out more at

The Polys, awards for WebXR will be returning for another great night highlighting some of the best WebXR experiences from the past year. Ada will be participating alongside the other chairs of the Immersive Web Working Group which are developing the API.

Laura will be participating in the online edition of JSWorld Conference, her talk “Behind The Scenes of a Service Worker” will dive into the cycle of a Service Worker and share some offline strategies. The online series are completely free and open to the public, you can register here:

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