New with 17.0 Beta: Web Authentication

Daniel Appelquist

Web Developer Advocate

WebAuthn provides a way to use external security or on-device security keys as an alternative for SMS or app-based two-factor authentication

Call it Web Authentication, WebAuth or WebAuthn, it’s coming to Samsung Internet Beta 17.0 and will be released in our 17.0 stable release planned for next month. We’ve been testing Web Authentication for a while, behind a flag, but now it’s ready to come out into the light. We’ll be featuring support for security keys connected by USB, NFC and Bluetooth—as well as on-device keys.

We’ll be covering more about how to use WebAuthn, including as a password replacement, in a post later in the month. In the mean time, we hope you’ll download our Beta, try it out and feed back to us if you have any questions or issues.