Please email us at penup.sns@samsung.com after uploading your application to Google Play. After the verification process, your application will be displayed in Apps for PENUP.

Post an artwork into PENUP and access PENUP resources using PENUP SDK. Especially, if you’re developing a drawing application, we strongly recommend you to implement to post an artwork into PENUP for the deep linking.

You should first register your application here. After that, we’ll issue the client ID for authentication and send it to you. You can implement PENUP features with the client ID.

In case of the debug client ID, only you and other users who follow you can see artworks which you posted. However, in case of the release client ID, anyone can see artworks which you posted. Therefore, if testing the release APK, you should upload not an inappropriate artwork but a normal artwork.

You can get information about artists, artworks, collections, and tags.