Introducing The 2018 Source Code: A Dev’s Guide

Josue Bustos

Samsung Technical Evangelist

In the fast-changing world of development, a new year always brings new trends and exciting technologies. For me, it has also brought a new role as a Samsung Technical Evangelist. Previously, I was a Developer Champion for Samsung’s ARTIK IoT platform, working within the maker community. And prior to that, I was an independent developer focusing on full-stack mobile app development, hybrid and native.With that background in mind, I always say I eat JavaScript for breakfast, have Swift and Linux protein shakes for a midday snack, and enjoy open source super foods. I also have a sweet tooth for AR and IoT.  My appetite for development is also accompanied by a strong desire to engage with the developer and creative communities who are equally passionate about creating amazing things.

That’s why I’m so excited about my new role. One of my main responsibilities will be making sure our developer community stays on top of industry innovations by providing the resources you need to create really cutting-edge work.

This starts with The 2018 Source Code: A Dev’s Guide. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking the industry’s brightest minds about the trends they’re watching and for their top dev predictions for 2018. But before we get to that, I’d like to share my personal predictions for 2018 from a developer standpoint:

The evolution of artificial intelligence in healthcare

From IoT to voice user interfaces (VUI) to autonomous cars, AI is steadily evolving around our daily activities. This is perhaps most apparent within the healthcare sector. Here, AI is solving a variety of challenges in predicting illnesses by capturing and analyzing physiological and well-being data, as well as relationships between prevention/treatment and patient outcomes, just to name a few. In 2018, I see more open research data being made available and more health APIs for developers to take advantage of (e.g. holistic apps, products and services).

Intelligent IoT made easy

By itself, IoT generates large amounts of unstructured data. Without the ability to analyze it at a high, frictionless pace, this data can be easily wasted. Now, with IoT playgrounds like SmartThings cloud, developers will be able to create SmartApps that can easily integrate third-party cloud-to-cloud devices. In 2018, I believe we’ll see a massive leap forward in the ease of IoT app development and the overall functionality of these apps.

The creation of new revenue streams in AR/VR/MR

In the developer world, these acronyms represent many opportunities. The way we consume content, the way we make transactions and the way we socialize with the rest of world will continue to be transformed in 2018’s digital universe. With the help of partners like Facebook Oculus and Google ARCore, you will be able to develop immersive and interactive apps to engage a new generation of consumers. If you are a developer polishing your monetization strategy in AR/VR/MR, you will be well positioned to blaze revenue stream models other developers will look to as the gold standard for years to come.

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I’m excited to meet you in 2018!