Introducing Tony Morelan: SDP Senior Developer Evangelist

Tony Morelan

Senior Developer Evangelist

We are excited to welcome Tony Morelan, Sr. Developer Evangelist to the Samsung Developer Program team. Here’s a bit more about Tony:

About Me

Prior to joining Samsung, my entire career had been spent as an independent Graphic Designer, specializing in all things tech.

I learned about the Samsung Developer Program through a friend of mine, and, considering myself a bit of an entrepreneur, thought "How cool, I could design and develop for Samsung’s new technology and make money still as an independent designer!" What happened next totally consumed me. As I designed, developed, and sold apps through the Galaxy Store, I found myself thoroughly enjoying sharing my knowledge, skills, and approach with many others in the design community. I soon realized that “teaching” filled a void I didn’t know I had!

After a few phone calls and interviews, I seized the opportunity to join the Samsung Developer Program as the new Senior Developer Evangelist. What gets me most excited is that I'm now in a position to use the experience and knowledge I gained designing and developing from the outside to help grow the community from the inside. With Samsung’s global reach and “Open Source” culture, amazing things are going to happen with the developer community, and I am super excited to help make it happen.

For those attending SDC18, I’ll be spending some time at the Galaxy Watch booth. Feel free to grab me for a quick chat (ask us about our SDC18 Passport activity). I am always happy share a few secrets on what worked for me as an independent designer/developer. And be sure to catch the Galaxy Apps Best of 2018 Awards Ceremony at SDC18 on November 7th. It is sure to be a great event where we announce and award the developers who made the most amazing apps in 2018!