The Dev Discourse – A Daily Roundup from #SDC18 Day 2

Samsung Developer Program

Today we wrapped up #SDC18 on a high note! Day two started off with a spotlight session featuring a panel with the creators from two of the world’s most popular games, Fortnite and Pokémon Go. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live, you can catch the replay.

The action continued on the floor with lots of activity at the Samsung Pen, SmartThings and Bixby booths, just to name a few. There was no shortage of learning and collaboration, as developers made the most of their time at #SDC18.

Here are the highlights from today:

Positioning Samsung to Be a Game Changer

With more than 2 billion gamers in the world, Samsung is committed to creating a future where the hundreds of millions holding a Samsung device are also holding a game controller. Today they showed their support towards helping developers bring the mobile gaming experience to the next level.

Samsung announced that in the next year Galaxy GameDev will expand to include even more cutting-edge tools to help developers create more immersive and unique experiences for gamers. To help bring a high-fidelity, console-like game experience to mobile phones, the Vulkan API was enhanced to offer 10 percent improved performance compared to the OpenGL ES. Another improvement is the GPUWatch that will allow developers to measure graphics performance and view on-screen information while gaming in real-time. This insight into game performance will help developers optimize their games more efficiently and easily.

It was also announced that the all-new Galaxy Store, set to launch in 2019, will become the single destination for all digital items related to Galaxy devices. This will make it easier for gaming partners to deliver their latest creations to fans, as well as more convenient for consumers to discover and download everything from new games to apps.

Along with its key partnerships with some of the world’s biggest game companies such as Epic Games, Square Enix and Niantic Inc., Samsung has built an unparalleled mobile gaming platform that makes having fun on the go easier than ever.

Creating a More Intelligent Pen Stylus

Today it was announced that the S Pen Remote SDK is now available for integration with apps. Developers can use the S Pen’s remote-control feature to provide a unique experience in apps. And the best part is that it’s very easy to code. With the help of developers, Samsung is planning to take the stylus pen from writing tool to a multi-purpose tool. From cameras to games, the possibilities are endless!

Additionally, Wacom joined the stage and announced their Wacom Ink Layer Language, WILL 3.0, to help take digital ink to the next level. WILL 3.0 brings augmented reality, 3D creation and digital data to the drawings of users. Combined with the power of AR technology on Note9, users can turn their sketches into 3D renderings. WILL 3.0 is also AI ready, capturing all relevant data needed for deep learning. The technology captures the semantics and biometric information from the ink, creating a more personal digital experience.

Together with WILL 3.0, Samsung is able to add a more personal touch to its devices. With the help of Bixby users will be able to search through their notes with voice commands. And combined with the Samsung Pass, WILL 3.0 is adding a layer of intelligence to digital authentication. It’s biometric signature ID can even track the history of signatures!

It’s safe to say that Samsung and Wacom are bringing the pen into the 21st century!

SDC Bixby Capsule Showcase Finale

In addition to all these big developments, the Bixby challenge came to a close. The five finalists took the stage to show off the capsules they developed using the Bixby platform. It wasn’t an easy choice for the judges, and after much deliberation they came to a decision. Congratulations to the winner!

Best of Show: Roger Kibbe for his One Bin app

Thanks to all the developers, designers, creators, partners, sponsors and everyone else who joined us at #SDC18. It truly was a great event and we’re excited to see how you bring all our announcements to life. Follow us on @samsung_dev to keep the conversation going and keep an eye on our blog for technical content that will bring your dev game to the next level.

See you next year!