Introducing Diego Lizarazo Rivera: SDP Senior Developer Evangelist

Diego Lizarazo Rivera

Senior Developer Evangelist

Hello! I’m Diego Lizarazo Rivera and I’m excited to let you know that I've just joined the Samsung Developer Program team as a Senior Developer Evangelist! Since you’ll be seeing quite a bit of my work here on the blog, I thought I’d introduce myself and share with you a little bit of my history.

My career prior to joining Samsung includes several roles as a software developer and as a game designer. I've worked for software companies of all sizes, in three different countries (Colombia, Spain, U.S.),  and I've tackled some cool projects and learned about many different technologies along the way. But, most importantly, I have connected with amazing teams of passionate developers with a need to solve new problems with technology.

This is Chili, and he's trying to survive the land of the dead in my game, Chili Calacas

After working as a developer for a few years, I began to design games. As part of my job, I helped create the internal rules that governed the different social aspects of our games and then communicated those mechanics to programmers, artists, producers, and marketers. To find that common language to keep us going in the same direction, the message and approach had to change with every team. This role led me to realize something quite important: I am good connecting with people.

It was not until a couple of years later that I found the perfect position to mix my developer experience and my ability to connect with different audiences, and I started my path as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate. Every company has a different approach to DevRel positions, but generally, professionals in this area work as a bridge between a company or a technology and the developer community. I am here to help you understand Samsung technologies, help you to create the perfect app for the Galaxy Watch, design an amazing theme that you can share with the wider Galaxy Store audience, or get started on that project that you have been mulling for a couple of months.

Samsung is a leader in so many areas thanks to its innovative prowess and the ability to listen and adapt to every new technology wave that comes year after year. I am glad to help the developer community to build even more exciting things with our exciting technologies.