Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner: iGear Radio, Best Watch App

Samsung Developer

We continue to celebrate the top performing apps in creativity, quality, design, and innovation who were winners of our Best of Galaxy Store Awards. Next in our blog series, we feature iGear Radio, winner of Best Watch App for 2019.

Pavel Slaby, developer of iGearRadio shares with us why he developed iGear Radio, what it takes to make a successful app, and some of the Samung Developer Program resources that helped him during the development process.

How did you get into developing watch apps?

Programming has been my hobby for many years. I downloaded Tizen Studio and found that my experience in developing different application formats (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) is a great basis to get started. So I got into it.

What inspired your idea for iGear Radio?

I like to listen to the radio. I always have my watch on my hand, and I don't want to carry my mobile with me all the time when I want to play the radio. But unfortunately I didn't find any applications, so I programmed one.

What is your process for developing a watch app?

First, I did a good research to see if there was the same or similar application. Then I created an application that I wanted to be functional. It must do exactly what I want. At this stage, it is constant testing and testing. Finally, I focused on the final design and user-friendliness.

When developing a watch app, what is the most important UX consideration in terms of design?

The most important thing is to make an application that is simple to use, but includes all the features you want. It must not be too complicated, as users will not want to use it. The screen on the watch is small, so it is important to allow the user to quickly access a specific item.

What is the biggest technical/design hurdle when designing a watch app?

Make an app that everyone would love. I was constantly watching user comments. First of all, I learned from the comments that were not very commendable. Gradually, I improved the application based on how users felt working with it.

Can you tell us about iGear Radio and what made it so successful?

People still like to listen to the radio. iGear Radio is an application that includes over 20,000 radio stations from over 170 countries. Most importantly, you don't have to carry your phone with you. The application is completely independent of the phone. It is enough if the watch is connected to the Internet via LTE or WiFi. You can connect headphones to your watch and take a walk, only carrying your watch, to listen to your favorite radio station.

Since winning the Best of Galaxy Store Award, you launched iGear Radio Pro. What changes did you make with iGear Radio Pro?

I released the free version of iGear Radio so that users can experience the app and decide whether it is usable for them. At the same time, I released a paid version of iGear Radio Pro, where users can choose from over 20,000 stations worldwide. They can also create their own favorite stations list at My biggest focus with iGear Radio is to keep all streams live.

Where there specific Samsung Developer Program resources or support you used during your app development process?

Using templates directly in Tizen Studio helped me a lot. The Galaxy Store badges are also great because I could put them on my site. I also used the developer forum several times, which helped me a lot in some situations.

What is next for iGear Radio?

I'm still trying to improve the app based on both my and my users' experiences. My goal is to make the application perfect in both technical and design aspects.

What advice do you have for new developers looking to create a successful watch app business?

If you have a really good idea, don't hesitate. Try Tizen Studio, it's a great helper for developing watch applications.

How has Samsung helped your business?

I very much welcome Samsung to help me distribute my application. Samsung has a great Galaxy Store portal for sellers, where you can view statistics from many angles. I must also mention the excellent cooperation in promoting my application.

Thanks to Pavel for sharing his insights on watch app development and the importance of the user experience in creating a successful app. Be sure to check out iGear Radio in the Galaxy Store.

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