Top Tips for Galaxy Store Badge Users

Lori Fraleigh

Senior Director, Developer Relations

Congrats! You've published your app on the Galaxy Store. Now it's time to let the world know with a Galaxy Store badge.

For some publishers, the Galaxy Store may be the only place your content is listed. For others, your app may be available on multiple app stores. Either way, a Galaxy Store badge lets consumers know exactly where to find your content.


In addition to the badge image, the Galaxy Store badge service provides short links that deep link directly to your content in the store. While you can use the full, long URL, using the short link will allow you to better track any traffic you drive to your content from your website or digital marketing promotions. You can generate your short link in the promotion section of the Seller Portal.

If you've been a Galaxy Store badge user for a while, here are a few quick tips to ensure you're completely up-to-date with the latest brand requirements.

First make sure you're using the latest badge image. The badge should not include the Samsung lettermark and should not say Galaxy Apps. You can download the image above here.

Next, make sure you update your short link from the older domain to Your badge name remains the same.

The Galaxy Store badge makes it easy for users to find and download your content. Get started today!