Features of the Samsung Developers Portal that You Might've Missed

Eric Cloninger

Sr. Technical Program Manager

NOTE: Content was updated on 9 February 2023 to correct information about the podcast.

Hello Everyone! My colleagues are still on holiday, enjoying socially-distant vacations and staycations. While they're on hikes in the Sierra Mountains and swimming in backyard pools, I'll continue on from my post last week. We made big changes to the layout and function of the Samsung Developers site in January, so if you haven't explored the site in detail, here are some highlights.

D'ya Like Games?

If you're a game developer or have interest in developing games in the future, you'll want to investigate the Galaxy GameDev section of the site. Our colleagues in the GameDev team are building useful tools for optimizing games so they'll run great on Galaxy phones, tablets, as well as other Android devices. The GameDev team is updating their content frequently, so if you want to get the most out of your game projects, check back often.

If you have existing game titles and you're interested in expanding your user base, spend some time in the Galaxy Store Games section to learn how to list your games (and other apps) in Galaxy Store. You can also learn how to use Samsung's In-App Purchase (IAP) SDK for new ways to increase your revenue.

What's up, Docs?

We know, what you're looking for is information and ways to develop faster and smarter. A developer site would not be complete without reams of technical documentation describing the APIs and tools. That's all there, again, with new ways to view and access the information.

Most every tool or SDK listed on the top navigation bar has documentation affiliated with it. After choosing a topic from the navigation bar, often you can access the documentation by clicking the "Get Started" button in the header image, or by scrolling down the page and looking for the specific API you are interested in. For example, if you're looking for information on optimizing your apps for foldable devices, use the main navigation bar to go to Build > Mobile and then click the Galaxy Fold icon partway down the page.

Test, Test, & Test

When you're ready to test your app on a real device, you have a couple of options. The Remote Test Lab allows you to test real devices in labs located in Asia, North America, and Europe. This includes the latest devices like the Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy S20, as well as Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab devices.

If you have a Galaxy Android device, you can test locally with your Mac, Linux, or Windows device using the Android platform SDK tools. Windows users will need to install the Samsung-specific USB drivers, which can be found on the developer portal.

Feed Me, Again

I mentioned the RSS feed features of Discourse in my earlier post. If it's not obvious, I really enjoy the convenience and consistency of reading my day's worth of news all within one app. If I find an article or topic that I want to read in more depth, I'll click the heading and go to the site in my mobile browser or save it for later reading on the desktop. Here, you can see that I can read all the latest posts from Android enthusiast sites, the NY Times, and our very own product teams.

The link to the Samsung Developers Portal (SDP) RSS feed can be found at the footer of every page, or you can simply add https://developer.samsung.com/feed to your favorite RSS reader.

We Got You Covered

If you have a question that can't be answered in the public forums, you can request support through the portal dashboard. If you log into the site using your Samsung Account ID, you can submit a ticket to our Developer Support team. To check on the status of your ticket and read feedback, visit the dashboard Support page.

In addition to submitting and viewing support tickets, the portal dashboard is your gateway to special partner benefits. For example, if you're a registered Galaxy Themes or Galaxy Watch creator, you can use the dashboard to access tools, services, and SDKs for developing new content. From the dashboard, you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter or withdraw membership from the developer program altogether.


While it's not exactly a feature of the site, it's an example of the ways we're trying to reach developers. My colleague Tony Morelan started working on a new podcast earlier this year. Tony's guests are a mix of Samsung thought leaders and successful Galaxy Store sellers.

Tony has a lot of enthusiasm for design and he's always searching for his next great topic. Give him a listen on your favorite podcasting app or by visiting our podcast archive.

We Still 💙 Feedback

I hope you're enjoying the new layout and design of the site. If you have suggestions (or even bug reports), hop into the Feature Requests section of the forums and let me know.

Thank you for being a Samsung Developer.