Farewell, Flat. Get Your Apps Ready for Galaxy Z Fold2

Samsung Developer

On September 1, Samsung shared more details on the next generation of its category-defining foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 pairs Flex mode with App Continuity to provide expanded usability, crossing the boundary between the Cover and Main Screen. To take advantage of Flex mode, you will need to use the Jetpack WindowManager library in Android.

With advanced Multi-Active Window to control screen layout with more ease and flexibility. If you want your app to always appear in full-screen mode, you can disable multi-active window display for your app. The documentation also provides details on setting minimum allowable dimensions and adding support for drag and drop. Finally, you can support multiple instances of your app with Multi-Active Window.

Unable to get your hands on the real thing? The Galaxy Z Fold2 is now available in the Remote Test Lab. Test out your apps and ensure they are ready for launch.

Galaxy Z Fold2 in the Remote Test Lab

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