Developing Mobile Games with Phaser

Diego Lizarazo Rivera

Sr. Developer Evangelist

Phaser is an excellent option for game developers that want to reach different platforms using their front-end skills. It is the most popular JavaScript-based gaming framework and, because it is open-source, it has additional plugins, samples, and snippets shared by the developer community.

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will include short and helpful videos that will guide you through creating your first video game with Phaser. In this video we will cover of what is Phaser, where to download it and the minimum requirements to start developing your games with it.

In upcoming videos we will cover basic concepts, so you can build games from zero and adapt them to your own style and needs. I will focus on games for mobile devices that will be able to publish in the Samsung Galaxy Store, but you can easily adapt these topics to any web or desktop games.

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