Marketing Resources

Marketing and monetization are a key part to every developer’s journey. This page is designed to help you, the Galaxy Store seller, to navigate the resources available from the Samsung Developer Program. These resources have been created to help you succeed when it’s time to start promoting your new apps, games, themes, and watch faces.

The blog posts, articles and guides, videos, and downloadable content provide easy-to-follow instructions and access to powerful promotional tools that aid you in achieving your desired goals.

Social Promotion

Social Media is the most powerful tool in engaging an audience and attracting new fans. Learning how to use these tools effectively can be the difference between success and failure, whether you are a new seller or an existing seller.

 Social Promotion Guidelines

 Samsung Developer Hashtags

 Social Media Promotion Kits

 Discounts and Coupons

Seller Portal

The Samsung Seller Portal is a powerful tool in helping you assess the health of your apps. It’s important that you know the ins and outs of Seller Portal so that you can start to maximize revenue.

 Seller Portal User Guide

 Galaxy Store Statistics

Galaxy Store App Review

Gathering feedback from your customers is important to gain insights on how to improve your app. An app with strong ratings and reviews may influence more users to download it.

 Increase the Number of Customer Reviews for Your App

Galaxy Store Page Views and Downloads

Track page views and downloads using the acquisition reports in Galaxy Store Statistics or third-party attribution platforms.

 User Attribution

 Third-Party Attribution Platforms


Being a Galaxy Store seller not only means you need to stand out in a crowd of millions, but also establish a trusted brand. Creating a lasting and powerful brand image puts you on the path to success.

 Create and Manage Your Seller Brands

 Generate a Galaxy Watch for Tizen Seller Brand Page

 Personalize Your Galaxy Themes Seller Brand Page


Bring customers to your app or brand page in one click. Promote your apps and brand on your website, YouTube page, or any of your social media channels.

 Galaxy Store Badge Promotion

 Galaxy Store Badge Image and Link Uses

 Get Your Own Galaxy Store Badge Links

 Manage Your Galaxy Store Badges

 Galaxy Store Badge Terms and Conditions

 Generate a Badge (Login Required)

Galaxy Store Promotion

You have the unique opportunity to promote your apps directly in Galaxy Store. This can be powerful in helping you reach your desired return on investment and can aid in growing your brands.

 Galaxy Themes Promotion

Galaxy Watch for Tizen

The Galaxy Store is your best opportunity to make a quick, yet lasting impression on any perspective customer. Ensuring that your store front has high quality images and relevant information is essential to your long term success.

 How To Take A Galaxy Watch Screenshot

 Create Eye-Catching Galaxy Store Listings With The Watch Asset Creator

 Asset Creator

 Add Your Watch Face Design or Watch App to Smart Lifestyle Photos!