Start Your Learning Journey with Code Lab

Christopher Marquez

Engineer, Developer Relations

If you are looking for an opportunity to boost your skills and learn how to use Samsung SDKs and tools through various hands-on learning experiences, Code Lab is the right place for you.

Code Lab is a learning platform where you can get started with the latest technologies and services in Samsung. Through its series of tutorials, it introduces you to the use cases or scenarios for a specific technology. It engages anyone through the step-by-step process of building a sample application or adding a new feature to an existing one.

With that, you can integrate your learnings from Code Lab into your individual or business needs. You can start, by trying out one topic or use case that interests you, and get to know how to easily use a service or tool. It covers topics related to Mobile, AI, IoT, Health, Game, Security, Blockchain, Web, or Wearables.

New topics have been published in Code Lab for you to learn about Samsung’s latest cutting-edge technologies, enabling you to use them to your advantage. With the advent of foldable smartphones, contents like Camera Web App on Foldables, Flex Mode, App Continuity, and Multi-Window will help you create or modify your applications to adapt seamlessly with different form factors. Code Lab also provides tutorials on designing your watch face and tracking exercises for the newly released Galaxy Watch4, operating on Wear OS powered by Samsung.

To enhance your hands-on learning experience with Code Lab, you can simply test sample applications in Remote Test Lab even if you don’t have any physical Galaxy devices. It’s a service that allows you to test your apps virtually and remotely, on thousands of Samsung Galaxy Mobile and Watch devices. Flagship devices are widely available like the Galaxy S21 series and the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Not only can you learn with Code Lab, but you can also test anytime, anywhere.

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